TFZ TEQUILA 1 HiFi 2-pin 0.78mm Detachable In-ear Earphone



  • 20ohm, mobile phone is easier to drive
  • HD resolution, ultra-large sound field, large dynamic transients, high-frequency elegant, medium frequency thick, low-frequency clean and good elasticity
  • Fit For most style tracks, the popular electric sound is better, omnivorous earphone
  • All-metal aluminum CNC process shell, eight colors, green, blue, red, red and blue




  • Driver: Dual-magnetic two-way graphene driver
  • Magnet material: NdFeB N50
  • Diaphragm material: graphene
  • Diaphragm diameter: 8.9MM
  • Voice coil material: copper clad aluminum wire
  • Frequency response range: 5HZ ~ 40000HZ
  • Harmonic distortion: 0.5%
  • Impedance: 20 ohm
  • Sensitivity: 105dB
  • Magnetic flux: 9000KGS
  • Wire: core count 4 * 18 * 0.05 5N oxygen-free copper
  • Outer sheathe: high flexibility transparent PVC




  • 6 pairs of silicone eartips
  • 1 pair of foam eartips
  • Carry case

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