>Dual DAC architecture.
>Fully-Balanced Architecture.
>4.4mm Fully-Balanced Output.
>Dual-Independent Crystal Oscillators.
>Compact, Smart, Versatile.
>Super-Clean Background.
>Ideal for Music, Gaming, and Movies.
>Immersive Sound Experience.
>Works perfectly fine with PC, Laptops, Mobile Phones, Tablets, etc.
>Aluminum-Alloy Shell.
>Moondrop Link Compatible.

Technical Specifications:
>DAC Chips: Dual CS43131.
>DNR: 132dB.
>THD+N: 0.00017%.
>Decoding: PCM up to 32-Bit/768kHz, Native DSD256.
>Output Power: 230mW@32Ω, 54mW@300Ω.
>Line-Out: 4Vrms(High-Gain), 2Vrms(Low).
>Interface: USB Type-C.

Moondrop’s latest Portable USB DAC/AMP is here, meet the all-new Moondrop DAWN, a compact, smart, and budget USB DAC/AMP designed with fully-balanced audio circuitry. Dawn houses dual CS43131 DAC chips combined with a fully-balanced 4.4mm headphone output port for unmatched performance. With the help of its premium Dual DAC architecture, Dawn outperforms its competition with outstanding performance, decoding high-resolution PCM and DSD signals with utmost precision and quality!!

Best-In-Class Performance With Dual DAC Architecture:
Moondrop DAWN adopts a fully balanced audio circuitry with a Dual DAC chipset. It houses two CS43131 high-performance DAC chips that perform four-channel balanced signal decoding. Moondrop DAWN brings superb performance achieving a high Signal To Noise Ratio, and ultra-low distortion ratings.

True-Balanced Headphone Output:
Designed with a 4.4mm fully-balanced headphone output port, the Moondrop DAWN packs a powerful performance within itself. It outputs a maximum line-out power of up to 4Vrms and about 230mW undistorted power @ 32Ω of load. With such a powerful output, it is ideal for most IEMs and some low-power requiring headphones out there.

Compatible With Most Devices With Standard Type-C Interface:
Moondrop DAWN adopts a USB Type-C interface. It is fully compatible with most smartphones, Windows/Mac PCs, and also with apple devices with appropriate adapters.

Dual Independent Crystal Oscillators:
Moondrop DAWN comes equipped with dual independent crystal oscillators that ensure high-quality digital signal transmission with ultra-low signal jitter. Don’t go on the compact size of the Moondrop DAWN, it packs a truly high-resolution sound experience in its compact form factor.

Clean Sound Performance With Ultra-Low Distortion and Super Clean Background:
Moondrop with its expertise in designing HiFi audio products has designed the latest DAWN Portable USB DAC/AMP with a fully balanced circuit and high-level hardware configuration. This greatly improves the sound performance of the device with a superb dynamic range of 132dB. The output signal has an impressively low background noise floor of just 1.3uVrms, presenting the users a super clean performance.

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