>Self-Developed LP5108EX Core Circuit.
>Powerful Output, Low-Power Consumption.
>0.91” OLED Display Screen.
>Original LP Tuning Profile With Two Tuning Options.
>Easy Firmware Upgrade.
>Ultra-Clean Performance With Low Distortion.
>Elegant, Classy Designer looks.
>3.5mm+4.4mm Dual Output Options.
>SPDIF Digital Output Through 3.5mm.
>Supports High-Resolution 32-Bit/384kHz PCM and Native DSD256 Audio Signals.
>Built-in Different EQ Profiles.
>Multiple SDF Tuning Profiles.
>Five Digital Filters.
>Two-Level Gain Adjustment.
>Multiple Device Support.
>Type-C Removable Connector cable.

Technical Parameters:
>SNR: 129dB(Single-Ended), 132dB(Balanced).
>DNR: 129dB(Single-Ended), 132dB(Balanced).
>THD+N: 0.00035%(32Ω, Single-Ended), 0.00018%(32Ω, Balanced), 0.00025%(300Ω, SE), 0.00012%(300Ω, Balanced).
>Output Power: 110mW(SE), 220mW(Balanced).

Introducing the all-new Luxury & Precision W4-Ex, sub-flagship portable USB DAC/AMP Dongle. Equipped with a self-developed LP5108-Ex Core circuit, the W4-EX promises quality sound with a clean background and high-resolution clarity. You get an elegant designer device in a stunning purple color body. The W4-Ex supports high-resolution PCM(32-Bit/384kHz) and native DSD256 audio signals. It houses two output ports, 3.5mm single-ended and 4.4mm balanced allowing you to pair all your latest earphones and headphones with the W4-Ex easily. L&P W4-Ex is a premium USB DAC/AMP that promises top-quality sound performance!!

Self-Developed Core Circuit:
L&P has equipped the latest W4-Ex with a brand-new self-developed audio core chipset. The latest LP5108-EX core is designed with years of tuning experience. It enables clean output with the W4-Ex, with multiple tuning options, DSP profiles, and EQ settings. W4-Ex delivers impressive clarity with a low-distortion rating and high SNR performance.

Upgradeable Firmware :
L&P W4-Ex packs multiple device sound performance in a simple and elegant form factor. It is a single device that promises high-resolution audio performance. The firmware of the W4-EX can be easily upgraded to have more sound effects, and tuning for specific IEMs, and allows you to play around with the output to suit your requirements and needs.

High-Gate Count FPGA Architecture:
L&P W4-EX adopts high-gate-count FPGA architecture. It has professional sound effects and a lossless EQ function on top of the parallel processing DSP profile. The output on the W4-EX can be adjusted with multiple EQ options and also offers great pairing DSP profiles with famous earphones such as Beyerdynamic Xelento, Shure 846, etc.

LP Tuning Profile:
Luxury&Precision W4-Ex features LP Core architecture that combines the 2nd-generation LP Tune to the device. It utilizes both software and hardware to bring an evolutionary sound result. W4-Ex has two tuning profiles, Tune01 has a gentle and elegant output while Tune02 has a refined and detailed sound presentation.

Dual Headphone Output Options:
The LPW4-Ex houses dual headphone output ports. This includes a 3.5mm single-ended and another 4.4mm balanced headphone output port. It has a powerful output of up to 220mW through the balanced port to drive most IEMs with ease. It can even drive low-power requiring headphones adequately. Two-level gain adjustment allows for easy pairing with sensitive as well as demanding IEMs.

Excellent Power Supply Design:
Luxury & Precision has designed a premium power supply design for the W4-Ex. It allows the device to fully unleash the potential of the LP5108Ex chipset and create a surging sound with reduced power consumption and reduced heat generation.

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