>Upgraded ES9068AS*2 Dual DAC chipset.

>Neutrally Pure THX-AAA 78*2 Headphone Amplifier.

>Improved performance with better SNR ratings.

>Lightning-Fast Performance With Octa-Core Snapdragon 660 CPU.

>6th Gen Honeycomb Design.

>5.5” crisp Bezel-less 18:9 Touchscreen Display.

>New-Gen Interactive Intelligent Volume System with an upgraded carbon-fiber panel.

>New Digital Audio Purification System(DAPS) with Self-Developed 4th Gen FPGA+NDK femtosecond crystal oscillators.

>New & Advanced Android 10 OS.

>Global MQA 8X Decoding Support.

>High-Res Two-Way Bluetooth Support(V5.0 Connectivity).

>Improved Battery Life.

>Improved Output Power.

Technical Specifications:
>Output Power(SE): ≥210mW(32Ω).

>Output Power(Bal): ≥660mW(32Ω).

>SNR(SE): ≥122dB.

>SNR(Bal): ≥126dB.

>RAM: 4GB.

>ROM: 64GB.

>LPF: OPA927*2.

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