VE RA 2.0 Balanced

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  • Connector Complement :

    2×3 pin XLR female jack for Input

    1×4 pin XLR female jack for Output

    1×2.5mm TRRS jack for Output

    1×DC005 power jack for DC adapter

    Frequency Response :20Hz-20KHz ±0.2dB

    Maximum Current Output : 0.5A

    Maximum Voltage Output : 8.1V RMS

    Maximum Power Output : 32ohm 2.1W RMS per channel

    Maximum Power Output : 300ohm 220mW RMS per channel

    Maximum Power Output : 600ohm 110mW RMS per channel

    THD : ≤0.015% 20Hz-20KHz 1V RMS

    IMD : ≤0.027% 1V RMS

    SNR : ≥100dB 1V RMS unweighted gain=12.7dB

    Crosstalk : ≥97dB 20Hz-20KHz

    Output Impedance : 0.3ohm

    Gain : 4.3 12.7dB

    Topology : PREAMP+OP+BUF dual mono precision virtual ground reference isolated power supply

    Power Supply : 25V POWER BOX or 18V DC adapter

    Power Consumption : 0.22W

    Size: 5.59×4.13×3.31 in with POWER BOX

    Weight : 460g RA2.0B 1260g with POWER BOX