Hippo foam

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  • 50.000 VNĐ

  • Introducing the Hippo FoamTips: the latest model H100 and H500!

    Change your foam tip weekly with Hippo FoamTips!
    • Premium noise isolation
    • Soft and comfort fit
    • Enhensed sound quality


    • Grado: iGi
    • Shure: SE535, SE425, SE315, SE215, SE530, SE420, SE310, SE210, SE115, SE110, SCL5, SCL4, SCL3, i4c, i3c, E5c, E500, E4g, E4c, E3g, E3c
    • Altec Lansing: inMotion 616 and 716
    • Brainwavz: B2
    • Creative: Aurvana 2
    • Etymotic Research: ER-4 microPro™ 4B, 4P, and 4S; Ety-8; HF-2, HF-3 and HF-5; MC-3 and MC-5
    • Fischer Audio: DBA-02
    • FutureSonics: Atrio Series (All)
    • Harman Kardon: EP-710 and EP-730
    • Jays: D-Jays, Q-Jays, and S-Jays
    • Klipsch: Custom 1, Custom 2, Custom 3, Image S4(i), Image X10(i), and Image X5
    • ME Electronics: A-151
    • Microsonic: Epic JC and Epic X
    • Phiaton: PS-200
    • Philips: SHE-9850 and SHE-9900
    • Sleek Audio: SA-6
    • Westone: UM-1, UM-2, UM-3X